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DRILLAFRICA COMPANY LIMITED (Drillafrica) was incorporated on 19th July 1993 under the Laws of the Republic of Zambia as a private company limited by shares, commencing with certificate of incorporation number 29205. Drillafrica is an owner-managed enterprise (OME),the founders, who are Italian nationals resident in Zambia and Executive Directors, Mauro Russo (Managing Director), Francesco Russo ( Director of Operations) and Roberto Russo (Director Technical Services) with two decade of experience in mining and drilling have developed Drillafrica into a leading, safety conscious, cost effective, professional drilling company with a strong understanding of both labour laws and regional cultures.

As reflected in our name, our mission underscores the very reason for our existence: the provision of sustainable, cost-effective core drilling solutions to the mining industry and related sectors on the African continent.     We have remained true to our mission throughout our two decades of existence and we aim to continue accomplishing this mission long-term. For this reason, we have been a major participating drilling contractor and business partner in the mining industry development in both Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for as long as we have existed.   

Our vision is to have our presence in all parts of the African Continent, motivated, guided and enthused by the sustainable growth and development scored in the past decade by Sub-Saharan countries, a very key market segment of the Drillafrica business strategy since inception.   

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